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Andrew Amick, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Los Angeles-based, online anywhere in California

Holistic & social science-informed psychotherapy, specializing in...

LGBTQ Psychology


Dating & Social Anxiety

Psychedelic Integration


More about my approach to therapy:

What can I expect?

Because we all have unique histories, family and community values, strengths, and likes and dislikes, having a flexible, direct, and compassionate approach to mental well-being is critical to a successful psychotherapy experience.

Expect humor, compassion, lively and provoking conversation, active engagement, and gentle confrontation and directness, without the judgment or fear of persecution and shame.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

This process emphasizes personal insight, perspective growth, and relationship EQ.

If you don't know what any of that means, that's fine! We'll start from where you're at.

Who is this for?

Teens & adults struggling with issues related to:

  • Dating

  • Relationship challenges

  • Living with ADHD

  • Anxiety related to dating

  • Anxiety related to multicultural family stress

  • Anxiety related to codependency patterns

  • Burnout from overwork

  • Moral injury and recovery

  • Psychedelic exploration, & integration

  • Chronic people-pleasing

Why therapy?

  • Because you appreciate and want the space for reflection and thought

  • Because friends or family have said you you might benefit

  • Because you have a lot to say, but nowhere to say it where you won't be judged

  • Because you prioritize your mental health

  • Because you want to better understand yourself and why you do what you do

Services & Fees

I am an not in-network with medical health insurance. By request, you can be provided a bill to submit for reimbursement, but you should confirm with your health insurance* company first whether or not these services would be reimbursed to you.

  • Individual Psychotherapy - $100 per session

  • Couples Counseling - $160 per session

  • Psychedelic Consultation - $80 per session



Hello! I'm a supervised Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (#121201) in California.

I've worked with public health non-profits, marriage equality advocates, community health clinics, psychedelic consulting groups,
performance art troupes, and corporate start-ups since 2013.

My backgrounds in sociology, social psychology, philosophy, holistic health, and the creative arts make me suited for clients who need a more active, cognitive, insight-oriented, and holistic approach to their health. His approach is based on the concept of 'rikai' - or total understanding.

As a registered Associate, I am supervised by Erica Siegal LCSW (and CEO of NEST Harm Reduction) and Gary Pearle LMFT (of Sessions Counseling Group) in Southern California.

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