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About Andrew

I'm an integrative psychotherapist and have been counseling and teaching teens and adults since 2018.

I've spent nearly a decade supporting harm reduction outreach, community mental health practices, social justice non-profit groups, psychedelic scientists and clinicians, corporate start-ups, and higher education institutions.

Personally, I've an eclectic background rooted in humanities and the arts, photography and design, theater, music theory, East-West philosophy and health, and alternative medicine. I also love gardening, playing with animals, learning about the world, and watching movies!

I'm a subject-matter expert regarding:

  • MDMA

  • Psilocybin

  • LSD

  • DMT

  • Cannabis

  • Alcohol

  • LGBTQ psychology

  • Psychedelic integration

  • Harm reduction best practices


Antioch University: M.A. Clinical Psychology

Specializing in LGBT psychology, depth psychology

California State University, Dominguez Hills: B.A. Sociology

Specializing in education, social reform, medicine

California Board of Behavioral Health: AMFT 121201

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (lic. 121201)

About the Process

First, we get to know what brings you to therapy now: a full comprehensive understanding of whats happening, what patterns and dynamics are playing out, and how this is directly impacting your life today.

Second, we determine a personalized path forward -- whether that means identifying short-term or long-term goals, connecting you with more relevant or specialized services -- to disentangle the knots causing the most tension.

Third, using evidence-based approaches and social-science-backed insight and analysis gleaned from therapy, you'll find yourself naturally learning to loosen the tightness in your life.


We move along the path of least resistance, until changes in this path begin to overwhelm our mind's capacity to cope. The tools that previously served us become more burden than blessing. This naturally creates distress, or dis-ease.

This distress is a pressure point - showing us where we are not living authentically as our whole selves - where our mind is struggling to hold onto how it "should be" while we struggle upstream against "what is" (the present reality).

This is where therapy comes in - to help you understand what got you here, what has contributed to your current situation, and what you can do about it. Like water, we're shaped by the grooves and tracks we move through. Therapy will help remind you that you're more than that.

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