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As a holistic psychotherapist, I draw from a map of your entire life: history, work, home, play, and relationships. I use this Whole Person framework to target particular issues.


ADHD is not a disorder, despite its codified name. It instead describes a host of unique characteristics that impact the quality and process of many adult life domains: time management, priority-setting and goals, relationship maintenance, and boredom suppression.


Issues common here are low self-esteem and personal uncertainty, low self-confidence, social anxiety, and social burnout.

LGBTQ Identity

The acceptance or recognition of a part of yourself that you/we/society works to oppress, marginalize, and erase, can be hardcore crazy-making. And the path to finding your true self by unraveling what is not your true self can feel lonely.


Often, this brings a sense of loneliness, fear, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem issues.

People Pleasing

People pleasing is a conditioned habit frequently originating from the home or childhood community environment, where one had to assume the People Pleasing role.


The result of a lifetime of People Pleasing often creates resentment, anger, fear, low self-confidence, and anxiety about some relationships.

Psychedelic Integration

A psychedelic experience can be integrated in many ways - music, art, meditation, community, nutrition, and more.

Therapy with an expert in psychedelic health can also help you make meaning of and integrate new experiences into your life in ways that might be elusive to you alone.


Commonly, a non-integrated psychedelic experience can manifest as ruminating anxiety, a sense of 'alien'-ness in one's body, and sometimes ego-shaking or ego-inflating senses of self.


Dating triggers our most vulnerable wounds. And because we bring with us our native conditioning wherever we go, these wounds can become chronically activated, and reek havoc in our dating lives, marriages, and relationships.


The result is often a feeling of over-investment in other at the expense of oneself, feeling crazy, low confidence, and low self-esteem.

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